Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Break '14

In light of settling into my new job, our parental status, and my getting turned-down for the one grad school program I applied to, Darin (husband) and I decided to do what every couple in search of a project decides to do: get rid of our awesome old house and purchase a new (read: thirty years old) home about two miles away. Score!

Take a look at what we're dealing with:

Spanish style, in an equestrian community. 

The "decorative" (using that term lightly) bars on the windows givw it a certain "je ne sais quoi". 

The structure to the left is the reason my husband is on-board with the entire idea: 1250sf boat/car/work area. 

This kitchen is an absolute blast from the past. 

Another view of the "shop".

Between the outdated nature of the house and the size of the property itself (.67 acres -or- three times the size of our former lot) we may have bitten off more than is comfortable to chew, but knowing my partner we will chew on the gristle before we spit it out and get down to the meat of the project before we are actually divorced. (Full Disclosure: We don't even include the term "divorce" in our fights/ arguments. We're basically in it to win it.)

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