Thursday, April 18, 2013

Married by 24.

I am thirty one. Today is my seventh wedding anniversary-- yep, we're kicking off our seventh year of marriage. And, our thirteenth year of dating. Woot woot!

Better yet (and i suppose I hope no younger persons are reading this as they prep for marriage) we celebrated this day and evening with a trip to a local Mexican Restaurant for breakfast (delicious chilaquiles!), a trip to the park so out daughter could "SLIDE!", a three hour long nap time for my groom and our daughter, a dinner of takeout Italian (only to be interrupted by his car randomly breaking down), and some typical (however charming) bedtime antics from our (almost) 20mo old daughter.

 Now, the two of us are sitting on the couch as he mixes music for my sister's wedding (he's a really awesome amateur DJ who needs to go pro... in my opinion) and I'm writing about it. Ugh. Our anniversary outings have become embarrassingly less exciting over the past seven years, and I would love to take you on a little trip down memory lane to exemplify the nature of said trips:

2013, Year 7 - Our Home.

2012, Year 6 - San Diego, specifically the location of our post wedding-night (we later went to Australia on a 'belated' honeymoon').

2011, Year 5 - Iceland... Not to say that this was the most enjoyable trip (I was 5mos pregnant in a country known for its Vodka and Hot Springs... and my husband wasn't incredibly supportive in an emotional capacity for the duration of said pregnancy.)

2010, Year 4 - Las Vegas! This year was generally one of our better years of marriage. By the end of the year we had been to Vegas six times... and we went six more the next year. We found we had something new in common that year.

2009, Year 3 - Paris (specifically the "Tour Eiffel"-- in between London, Rome and Florence). We were young, childless, and in the city of love. Neither of us prefer Paris (thanks to that visit)... but so few people get to boast of spending their third wedding anniversary atop the Eiffel Tower as they sip (cheap) wine and literally look down upon the city.

2008, Years 2 - Glasgow (in the midst of a trip through Ireland and Scotland) This trip was likely the kick-off to our friendship as it currently stands. This was one of our earlier trips that was solely 'us' and we sort of discovered our standing as one another's best friend (at least in most capacities... I still don't deal well with flatulence) and we truly loved the United Kingdom.

2007, Years 1 - New Zealand (the entire North Island) was one of our less than desirable trips. While we loved the country, we were in a car most of the time, it was typically overcast (not good for my self-diagnosed SADD), we found ourselves in a fairly conservative part of the world over the Easter Holiday (nothing was open), and we were arguing for many reasons. Nevertheless, we were in NZ!

Next year, I am declaring, the spell of the progressively lamer anniversary MUST be dealt with. No longer can I deal with the doldrums of this monotony! Thus, I believe a separate savings account may need to be created all in the name of an AMAZING anniversary in 2014!

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