Sunday, February 3, 2013

War Cry of the One Year Old

Today I was a tad startled by my one year old as I lugged Costco groceries from my car to the garage fridge. For a minute or two, I had been able to hear my little ninja, so I wasn't worried about her getting into anything. Then the moment of silence struck and my stomach did a mini-flip-flop-- Now what?!

Worried that my little one had found her "colo" (crayons) or --even worse, her finger paints, I stealthily peeked into the house through the laundry room door. That's when my worry turned into startle, as my one year old baby girl barreled toward me and the dog, pushing her pink Fisher Price car at literal "ramming speed" as she let out what I can only describe as a toddler war cry. I quickly shut the door and hoped the car would be met by my dryer before it banged into my poor dog (it did, and the dog was able to move out of the way anyhow).

After hearing the bang I made my way past the traffic collision and surveyed the scene of what could now be classified as a hit and run. While checking for damages I pondered the entire event and wondered where my kid actually gets these ideas. She doesn't watch a ton of TV (it's WAY more than the hour or so per week that it was a month ago, but still limited to an episode of sesame four or five times a week) and she has very few playmates that she sees on a regular basis.

My husband and I tend not to be violent at all. (Although the babe did get swatted on the bottom for the first time recently... and I don't think that will ever be happening again since it bothered me more than her!) We watch some violent movies, but none of people throwing themselves at walls (or dryers) that I can recall.

So now, I'm thoroughly confused. Unless my baby and her dad were practicing crashing into walls last night, this kid is just off the wall, and I'm wondering about all of that nature versus nurture business!

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