Monday, February 25, 2013

Sometimes Special Sucks

Sometimes "special" sucks. And, sometimes normal sucks. And, other times everything just sucks. Special is (almost always) more difficult, but non-special also entails screaming through Target (because you're DONE), abandoned shopping carts, and overall FRUSTRATION-- until it feels like you're going to burst.

Unless you're blessed enough to have a child deemed special, because then you realize that non-special-ready-to-burst was NOTHING compared to what is in store for you when you're home.

Parents of "special" kids are obviously embracing their "situation"-- I think and wish we'd all just say it like it is: parenting is difficult for most ALL people, our kids are awesome little wonders of the world --and awful little terrors-- all at once.

However: leaving a shopping cart full of carefully selected snacks, meals, and other health foods makes ANYONE a pretty darn awesome parent in my book. Mostly because if my non-special DD and I were in Target with the author of the afore-linked piece when your child decided things weren't kosher, my kid would be of the first to pick up-- and capitalize upon-- the other child's situation (i.e. ots of whining, crying, and kicking and screaming).

If anything: no matter the diagnoses, kids are kids are kids (to a certain, lengthy, extent).

Thank you to the afore-linked poster for teaching your kid(s) {special or not} to be thoughtful of those around them. Even when it frustrates you!

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