Sunday, January 13, 2013

Parenting & Religion

I believe that logically, there must be a universal force greater than that which we do or will ever fully understand. I choose to believe that greater-than-us force is what many people refer to as God.

All of the said, I am and have been working through some turmoil over what to do about my kid's religious education. A long time ago (pre-Baby), I had no desire for her to attend any sort of church services until she wanted to. Then, my Father-in-Law made the best pro-church argument (for a kid) that I had ever heard; in essence he said: if I want my kid to be as knowledgeable as possible about all aspects of the world, I should make a point of introducing him/her to Christianity because it is so proliferate in the Western world and will surely color any child's understanding of their world.

Recently, I brought all of this up to my husband (a member of the Methodist church and regular church attendee until about seventeen) and his immediate response was: "If she's going to church to learn about the Western world, then she needs to go to museums, etc. to learn about it as well." To which I totally agreed, and pointed out that I already try to get her to as many places as possible, but right now there aren't too many museums looking for a one year old to run through the exhibits.

So now, I am stuck with the challenge of attending not just a church over the next few months, but one that I can stomach socially and one that she can also be a part of in order to better understand one of the greatest underpinnings of our Western world. Wish me luck?

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