Sunday, January 27, 2013

Outdoor Landscaping (Quick) Pick-Me-Ups

I'm looking forward to the springtime, mostly because I HATE gloomy, wintry weather, but also because it means we will begin using our backyard again-- for parties! This spring I get to help host a wine-weekend bachelorette for one friend, and a couples shower for my sister. (Yay!)

In preparation for the upcoming celebrations, I am beginning to think of cheap, easy, but striking ways to update our backyard without bugging my husband too much. Of course, Pinterest is my go-to idea source, but HGTV, and a couple other sites have some fabulous ideas too. A few things I'd like to focus on...

1. More Lavendar (and other Herbs)
Photo from

2. Creatively used Wine Barrels
Photo from

3. More Drought Resistant (but lush in appearance) Flora
Picture from

4. Unexpected Pops of Color
Photo from

5. Retrain/Reconfigure my Grapevine Trellis/Screen

So it looks less like this...
Photo from

And HOPEFULLY more like this...just taller
Photo from

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