Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

2013 Resolutions

#1 - Keep working on making my little family my TOP priority.
In the past, I have not made my marriage my top priority in the same way my husband managed to do much earlier on. Instead, I would put other family issues at the top of my concerns. Since our daughter was born, I have really struggled to make a shift that places her well-being in front of all else (even when it means making others unhappy with me) and I definitely believe that putting my marriage before most everything is what will truly be the best for our little girl in the long term. After all, our relationship is the first one she sees as her model for ALL of her future relationships-- we're important in her life! The way her father treats me and the way I in turn, treat him will become the foundation for how she treats others and how she allows others to treat herself in the future.

#2 - Keep up with my exercise regimen, but don't freak out if I miss a day or two (or three or four)!
I did a great job of keeping up with my exercise regimen last year. Even though I went back to work part time in August, the babe and I have a little routine that we've kept to for the most part. So far, I am able to maintain weight that I lost post-baby, and I  get to focus more upon cardiovascular health. In the next month or two, I would really like to work on some strengthening exercises/ training and try out a different group class than the ones I typically attend. I also want to keep the overall focus of my exercise on my mental health-- meaning, if the idea of having to go exercise is starting to stress me out, then I need to reevaluate the regimen in total.

#3 - Continue to keep in mind: the key (to most of my happiness) is moderation and reflection.
Over the past year or two I have come to a realization that moderation has not been a huge part of my life in past years. That makes it difficult to reconcile certain things in life, especially grey areas, and I don't want to allow my life to exist in those extremes. Thus far, I have begun to attempt to remember moderation is important in small things at work, at home, in my marriage, and in my parenting. Although my ninth grade students might disagree, I've (mostly) had a handle on the idea of moderation in the classroom. It's still a struggle in just about every other aspect of my life (reference #1-2 of this list!). My husband is not into moderation either (he's the yin to my yang, I work obsessively, he plays just as obsessively), so we have the discussion about moderation often... and it's a work in progress.

What are your resolutions for the New Year?

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