Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I am not big on giving my kid lots of processed sugar... she does eat a fair amount of processed foods (I know, plenty of people will cringe at that), but I do buy the lowest sodium deli meat I can find and tend to stick with whole wheat processed carbs. We don't keep a ton of sweets in our house because I will undoubtedly eat ALL of them and my husband only likes a few sweets, plus he has more willpower than I, so there's no need to keep anything here consistently. And, as far as our kid goes... she's one, so there's no real need for her to have a bunch of candy. Ever.

Plus, let's be totally honest and admit that I have no clue what really goes on when she's with other family members, and it's all completely over when she goes to preschool and eventually kindergarten. My husband could be intravenously filling her with sugars while I'm at work and I'd probably just think she was in a good mood until she crashed.

Nevertheless, in our household we also hold a relatively strong belief that Halloween is about candy. And costumes. And tricks. But, mostly the treats (until our little sweet baby/toddler girl gets to be a teenager, then it'll be about mostly the mischief, I'm sure). As you can see, this kid wasted no time in getting to the first trick-or-treating location (Granny and Grandpa's house).

So, this Halloween we went against our typical no-candy-for-one-year-olds policy and our little chicken got to have a taste of candy at one grandparent's house, and tried to coax her Granny into giving her cotton candy (I vetoed that). But, you can see the Butterfinger in her grimy little hand, she did  get a taste of that one.

Later, without anyone really even attempting to give her a second piece-- she managed to chew through the wrapper of a Snicker's Bar at our neighbor's house and eat nearly the entire thing in a matter of minutes. I must say, I was and am impressed by the sheer determination at sucking the gooey--but at the same time slippery-- mixture of caramel, nuts, nougat, and chocolate out of the little plastic wrapping before we made our way back home, presumably to put the child to bed since it was just about bedtime.

This kid's face absolutely screams "What? I'm not even eating this candy... it's still in the wrapper... I don't know how that chocolate got on my face."

Then, an hour and a half past bedtime we realized why we typically abide by that no-candy policy, and my husband (thankfully) did the honors of putting our gooey chicken to bed. Whew!


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