Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bottle Du Jour

We made the switch from bottle to sippy-cup a month or two ago and it was a big moment for me. I thought it meant I would no longer have to struggle with ridiculously sized nipples, use (almost) completely useless bottle brushes, and look at my lovely bottle-specific drying-rack. Ha! Joke's on me.

I don't understand why we "need" all of these stupid options. In my experience, my daughter will use whatever I give her-- as long as I keep on giving it to her and she's relatively developmentally ready for such.

Case in point: my little one is fully capable of drinking out of a regular cup with a regular straw. I choose to give her the super-sporty-sippy-oh-fuck-this-is-my-life cup because it's easier for me to give that to her than it is for me to refill a regular cup every time she: a) spills or (more likely) b) finishes the relatively expensive almond milk that she loves to down every hour or so. 

Nevertheless, my "big" moment of switching to the sippy from the "ba" (although we still call the damned thing a "ba" since that's what our child has deemed appropriate) was put into perspective when my brother so, surprised and concerned, mentioned something after seeing her with the sippy cup. "Um, is she supposed to have that? I thought she wasn't taking a bottle anymore?" There you have it. We, as parents and users of the super-sporty-sippy-oh-fuck-this-is-my-life cup have been duped into making a change that is completely arbitrary to anyone with two seconds of non-parenting time in their normal day.

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