Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mommy Issues: Body Image

Recently read "I hate my Neck" --Ephron piece... and I can identify. I hate my... extra skin below my belly button, the dark circles under my eyes, and the wrinkle at the corner of my mouth (more so on the left side than the right). To most people I sound awful and shallow and ridiculous, I know this.

Because, I think people are trained to tell you you're being too critical of yourself, or that it's not true. But, in a way it doesn't matter if it isn't true, because I still think it probably is. (And, no, this is NOT me fishing for compliments-- it IS me being truthful about just a couple of insecurities.)

One day I came across a couple of mothers in Starbucks. They wanted to be social, so I obliged. But, I found they had no modesty. At all. I have had ten people in a room looking at my hoo ha and I was still uncomfortable when one of them lifted her shirt to show her stretch marks and sagging belly skin. I wasn't embarrassed because of how it looked-- and I'll admit, I'm actually one of the lucky few who does not look so, shall we say motherly, in the abdominal area (vain thought it sounds), and I still remember bawling the day I saw an imaginary stretch mark. People who own their bodies are awesome, but I was still uncomfortable for everyone else who didn't really feel the need to "own" her body... plus, we were in Starbucks, at the pick-up counter, and the woman just lifted her shirt. It was... different... and uncomfortable.

But, as most of us probably know, moms do seem to lose their modesty to varying degrees. I don't know if that makes it 'right', but it does seem to be true.

Even moms who have their kids at 17 and weigh 100lbs after the birth can be unhappy with their bodies. I guess that means the rest of us are screwed?

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