Tuesday, August 7, 2012

*First* Birthday Parties are Messes

First birthday parties are a mess.

My little one is now an official toddler. We have made it through one year together (outside of the womb) and it's been pretty fun.

But, her birthday party was. a. mess.

A hot mess. Literally, hot, because the thermometer reached upwards of ninety-five degrees on the day of her birthday. And it was an outside birthday party, of course, at the hottest time of the day. I have a real knack for planning day time events during the worst weather.

I'm not even a proponent of having huge parties for toddlers, but when I explained the guest list to my husband he told me I really should invite everyone, so our guest list was huge. Thank goodness only a little over one third of our original guest list showed-- we had approximately thirty-five guests, you do the math. And, I even cut out a ton of people that I work with.

Nevertheless, the mess part is my own opinion, of course, but that's only because I know what went on behind the scenes.

For example, I know that my dear, dear husband --who proudly claims to "take care of all of the outside 'stuff'" (and he does take care of most of it) took two friends (whose wives were, incidentally, helping a TON) and went to a local watering hole. At 10:30am. I make it sound worse than it is by not including the disclaimer that I initially suggested it. However, I did not suggest he remain there for two hours while I began my own little meltdown. Next time, I'll need to specify there is a strict time limit on all local watering-hole activities. (The other two really did need to see this place, it's pretty impressively shady for our town.)

Even with said visit, when my in-laws arrived twenty minutes early, the ever-dutiful husband was at work, blowing up balloons with the air compressor since we --as a world-- are currently experiencing a helium shortage. Go figure.

I also know we had two couples spend the night at our house before the party. This means we had our own pre-party a full twenty-four hours earlier. That means I also hosted two parties in a row. And I was really tired, for both of them. But, there was fun to be had at both, so it worked out.

I even know that three nights before my daughter's first birthday party I was standing on my dining room table all super excited about my own craftiness because I was in the middle of taping somewhere around sixty --individually measured and cut by me-- streamers to my ceiling. This is the sort of asinine thing I go ape-shit over. I was SO proud of myself-- even more so when my husband turned on our whole-house fan in the morning and the streamers started blowing all over the place. I just wish my daughter had been so excited. (To be fair, she did look at them for more than two seconds and seemed to emit at least one sound of happiness in their direction.)

These aren't even the streamers I was so excited over.

Thanks to these examples, and a few more that I may mention in the future, I have happily decided first birthday parties are total messes.

Was your child's first birthday party a 'total mess' in your opinion?

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