Monday, July 23, 2012

Where's Mama's Toes?

My child is a big eater. She is also extremely oral. She LOVES to put just about anything in her mouth. Yep, anything.

I recently read a blog post about the oddest things children put into their mouths. Feces seemed to be the biggest no-no. And, I agree, feces are one of the last things I'd prefer my child to place into her sweet little mouth.

However, I cannot say that feces is truly the oddest thing my child enjoys "tasting", though we did have a bout with dried bird poo the other day. (Don't worry, I took it out of her mouth as soon as I figured out what it was.)

My child has put a number of odd things into her little pie-hole. She picked up some dried hamburger meat at a cousin's house and munched on that. My cousin-in-law was concerned when I finally figured it out, so I attempted to alleviate her concerns by explaining (in complete truth) that I honestly wouldn't have bothered removing it from her mouth if I had known what it was.

My kid also likes to "taste" those snacks and drinks meant for other kids... at a recent play date my friend remarked, as moms we don't really pack lunches for our own kids-- just others kids. How true is that?!

My sweet little baby girl has also been known to eat dog and human hair, though she doesn't prefer it on her tongue after the initial swallow, and she has no problem picking up anything the dog has licked-- or partially eaten-- and chomping on it.

My kid also eats bugs. Just like the one pictured below, among others, but this is one in particular that I decided to document for the baby book (i.e. teenage embarrassment).

Mmm... protein!
Nevertheless, in my opinion, the absolute oddest thing that my kid enjoys is toes. And, we're not just talking about the nice, shiny, and newly pedicured toes that I sport once a month or so. I'm talking about any old toes. But, mostly my own admittedly gross, sweaty, dirty, calloused, non-pedicured (for awhile) toes. Blech!

But, it's the truth. Every now and again, I spy a little girl crawling over toward my feet and before I know it I feel a slimy, gummy, little baby mouth (thankfully? with only two teeth) on my toes. It's absolutely disgusting. 

How about you? Does your kid enjoy sucking on toes?

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