Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Baby/Logic Dichotomy

After nearly one complete year of parenting, I have come to the realization that babies (and all that concerns babies) defy logic.

Today I was struck by this defiance of reality-based thought when I entered my daughter's room for the fourth time in less than an hour with the mission of "checking" on her-- to make sure she was: safe, still breathing, still sleeping, not in pain, not crying, happy, etc.

Yes, this does sound like normal parenting behavior to a certain extent. However, the irony is that I was worried because she hadn't woken me up at the crack of dawn, after falling asleep just before the crack of dawn.

You see, we had a nice play session from approximately 2:15am to 4:35am because I felt the need to enter her bedroom to open her window around 2:14am. Apparently she's a light sleeper.

So then, when the husband arrived home from work at 8ish and I was still asleep he thought the baby was just sleeping in a teensy bit and I was relieved she wasn't awake at her normal early hour. I got up and out of bed around 9am and made myself breakfast, cleaned up a bit. I was impressively productive.

Then, at approximately 10am the panic set in. I decided the baby had slept for far too long and began to worry. Then, the obsessive "are you still okay?" trips in and out of her nursery began.

When she was still soundly asleep at nearly 11am I decided to wake the husband to share in my panic. He said she was probably still tired and rolled back over.

Fast forward to late afternoon, the baby girl is napping again. She was/is perfectly fine-- just giving herself and her mama some extra rest time, and I am not looking forward to another night of her jacked-up sleeping schedule from our previous week of vacation.

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