Sunday, July 22, 2012

Perhaps the Greatest Social Service...

The following quote is one I came across while reading a NaBloPoMo blog participant, Enemy of Entropy, I liked it so much that I decided to comment upon it myself.

"Per­haps the great­est social ser­vice that can be ren­dered by any­body to the coun­try and to mankind is to bring up a fam­ily." —George Bernard Shaw

I know... right?! This quote sort of sums up what a LOT of people believe to be the "problem" with today's society, that not enough families are raised by any parents.

Unfortunately, I then saw the following little ditty on a friend's FB page:

Remember when the Public Education turned out employable students, Planned Parenthood let the same number of people in and out of the building, NPR or PBS had anything useful enough to be able to sell advertising, or when public employees appreciated the hard work and contributions of the self employed? Remember when Liberals considered people who pay their all their bills, take no handouts, go to church, raise useful children, employ others and donate unending amounts, Patriots? Me neither.

Argh! That's my response. Because...

How are you gonna say that in my presence without me getting all "teacherly" on you?! I've come across enough students to know the education system alone is --unfortunately-- not what's keeping MOST people from being "employable". Typically it's socio-economic status. And, as a graduate of a PUBLIC university I'm happy to say that I'm plenty employable-- even in this shitty economy. Also, it should be Public Education System, or drop the "the". Just sayin'. Plus, I feel like you shouldn't say this if you went to a public college.

How are you gonna say that without me getting all "liberal" (-ish) on you?! Yep, I'm middle class and I want to give away a bunch of money. Even my own money. (That's typically where the husband and I TOTALLY and UTTERLY disagree.) I DO enjoy "nice things"; however, I am plenty willing to go without them in the name of liberalism (or just helping out other people) as long as it doesn't jeopardize the general health and welfare of my little family. But, that's WAY easier to say than to do. (In fact, the best example of this that I've ever seen is my own brother. He's NOT a liberal, but he's also NOT a conservative... and he works in semi-retail. Nevertheless, he took a demotion to allow someone else -- with a wife and kids-- to keep their position. That's pretty fucking awesome... and non-political.)

Lastly (because I have to end this, otherwise I will go one FOREVER) patriots are defined (by as "[people] who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors". 
That means it's not UNpatriotic to accept handouts, but I would like to know how that goes for you when/if you begin to accept more social security than you paid in and medicare. 

And, for the record, yes. I am a total weenie for not just calling this person up and saying all of this to their face.

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