Monday, July 16, 2012

Our Secret to Vegas Success Part 2: Flexibility and Forgiveness

I am typically what one might refer to as "rigid" in my every day goings on. I like to stay relatively scheduled and I love it when everything has its own place.

My husband is not all that similar to me in this respect. He puts up with it, but tends get to things on his own time instead of my time.

When we go to Vegas we both try to err on the side of flexibility and forgiveness.

I love to gamble. Usually I set aside money (I will refrain from admitting the amount) and use those funds to feed my entertainment. Then, I usually run out of money because I decided to "go big". Then I take out more money... never does the husband tell me not to, or get angry with me. He's always understanding and sometimes even a little too encouraging.

Likewise, I do my best not to freak out when we have a change of plans. Sometimes, I like to make a little mental schedule of the day/ weekend/ lifetime. And, sometimes when that little schedule doesn't go as planned (by me, in my head) I like to think it ruins the rest of the event. Sometimes somebody's (my) plans change because somebody else (he) wants to nap. When in Vegas, I do my best to forget about the "plan" and just "go with" whatever happens. Usually, I succeed in being flexible, when we're in Vegas. Other times... not so much.

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