Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our Secret to Vegas Success Part 1 - Location, Location, Location

We spent four days in Las Vegas without the kid. It was tough (for me)... but it was fun (for all). Since we had such a good time, I'm sharing our first secret to Vegas success-- as a married couple, in our thirties, with plenty of willing and reliable grandparents to babysit their one-and-only grand-baby while her parents hang out for a long weekend.

Secret #1 - Location, Location, Location 

We like to stay at the Palms, we've had some good luck there-- both gambling and otherwise. This trip didn't bode well for the gambling, but we wanted to party and we found plenty of parties at the Palms.

During the summer season, Thursdays kick the weekend off with a Rubber Duckie pool party at Palms Place (we didn't attend, but we wished we had), Fridays are always good for the Ditch Friday celebration, Saturdays are now hosted by a DJ as well, and Sundays are all about relaxing by the Palms pool. There is a scene nearly every day at one of the Palms pools.

The clubs at the Palms tend to be fairly popular. They rank fairly well on tourist (and local) sites and they are usually full on the weekends. The Ghost Bar is open late on Friday and Saturdays, plus there's a GBDC (Ghost Bar Day Club) every Saturday at 1pm. Moon is usually fun with its retractable roof, and top-40-ish music, although we had more luck with the Ghost Bar DJs during our recent stay. Rain seems to be better known for its House/Techno style music, and we skipped it since we didn't love our experience there during our stay for my birthday earlier this year.

Although we feel like we've had a great run at The Palms, in the future we would like to try out some of the hotels in City Center, or possibly something else on the Strip. The Palms is a lot of fun, but unless you're staying in the Fantasy Tower, the rooms are a great deal, but only in so-so condition.

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