Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Brand of Humor

I have a proclivity for making terribly inappropriate jokes. As I have grown older and matured, my sense of humor (along with my sense of tact) has not. 

I am the friend who makes the AWFUL and completely unfunny-upon-being-uttered remark about the dead or ailing relative (because of my own emotional discomfort, but at that point --when the entire crowd looks at you in horror and disbelief-- it doesn't matter anyway).

I am the wife who attempts a joke with one of the husband's bosses, only to (accidentally, I swear) dupe him into explaining this is his second marriage, hence the gap between baby's ages.

I am the teacher who, unable to keep a straight face, had to literally turn around when a very upset freshman showed me his class workbook... with penises drawn on every page. (Thank goodness the kids had no clue I was laughing and only thought I was appalled at the inappropriateness of it all.)

I am the daughter-in-law who rather openly makes light of what takes place in the my bedroom.

I am the parent who openly admits to calling my newborn daughter by (what I deemed to be) a more appropriate nickname-- Gus, until she grew into her more feminine given name and out of her old man face. (Now we only call her Gus when she makes a pouty face.)

My terribly inappropriate sense of humor has also been fueled by my husband's own inappropriate and juvenile humor. We are the first to look at each other and snicker when anyone says "balls". After twelve years (going on thirteen!) together, we have so many inside jokes that even our closest friends are annoyed by our incomprehensible half-sentence-guffaws after a couple of beers together.

Today, while at the "lady doctor" I was again reminded of the inappropriateness of my humor. There were four people in the room, all looking at my lady parts, and I was asking who was taking me out to dinner.

To put it simply: our daughter is SO screwed! We are totally THOSE parents... and I fear, I may totally be THAT mom. Better just put her on the therapy waiting list now.

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