Monday, July 9, 2012

Gargoyling for America

In recent months many people have taken part in such activities as owling, planking, and even draping. What you haven't seen much of is the original phenom: gargoyling.

Gargoyling began in the early 2000's when a close friend decided to perch atop the nearest raised platform and make a face that (somewhat) resembled a gargoyle-- yep, like the kind you find on Gothic cathedrals and such.

Over the past ten years or so, the gargoyling has become less pervasive, but more creative. We have received random text-pictures of our friends on boats, in bathrooms, and in various public places. We have also sent a picture of our daughter engaged in a gargoyle-esque pose, as well as the husband atop our kitchen counter.

I think this Fourth of July garoyle pose, in honor of America's day of independence, takes the cake because of its authenticity. (The husband and I climbed onto the roof of our house to watch our city's firework show.) What do you think... impressive Gargoyling or not?

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