Sunday, July 8, 2012

Funny? Baby Info to the Grandparents

In anticipation of leaving town over the past weekend, I sent the following email to all of the kiddo's grandparents-- they split the babysitting time amongst themselves.  I also cc'd the husband who informed me my email was "a little funny"... I figured, if it's that funny, I should probably share it. Can you find the humor?

Hi Grandparents, 

Below is (hopefully) everything you will need for this weekend; but, of course, if you guys have any questions please call one of us. The Emergency Info is still in her diaper bag. We'll be staying at the Palms & our flight numbers are at the bottom of the rest of the information.Thank you very much for watching  Baby, we both really appreciate it. 


Courtney & Darin

6am to 7am  Baby wakes up somewhere in here. Usually I give her a full bottle in bed, she plays by herself and goes back to sleep for a little while. She usually gets out of bed around 8am. This is the only bottle she gets in bed, and it's after she wakes up. 

9am to 10am After  Baby gets up we usually play for awhile or get ready for the day. Between these times  Baby usually gets a snack of some sort and a sippy cup of whole milk, almond milk, or rice milk. She does not drink any juice

SNACKS - Her morning snack is usually two of the following: some oatmeal (1/4 c.), a banana, a nectarine, a pouch of applesauce, twenty or so goldfish, three or four low sodium saltine crackers, thirty or so Cheerios. She can have just about anything, but I try to stick with fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, and beans with just a little bit of bread and pasta. 

10am to 12pm After  Baby plays for awhile and has her snack she usually takes a morning nap between these times. We put her down when she starts getting fussy and/or rubbing her eyes. She might cry for a little bit, but if it's only a few minutes that's totally normal. At this time she will sleep anywhere from 30mins to 2hours if she's in a quiet room by herself. 

12pm to 2pm After her morning nap and into the afternoon time,  Baby usually has another snack (this time it's usually ONE of the snacks listed above) and a full bottle.  After this time, if she's thirsty before 6:30pm, she gets a sippy cup with water or one of the milks listed above. 

3pm to 5pm After three and before five,  Baby usually has a second nap (the time and length of this nap depends on how long/ what time her first nap was). At this point she will usually sleep about an hour, but might sleep for longer. After her nap, usually around 5:30pm  Baby gets dinner which is typically a less salty/sugary/fatty version of whatever we eat, along with some milk or water in her sippy cup. 

6:30pm  Baby's last bottle is at 6:30pm, at this point we give her a bath, after she's done with the bottle she gets changed and ready for bed. 

7:30pm We read her a book and put her to sleep at 7:30pm. She usually cries for a little while, but falls asleep within ten or fifteen minutes. Sometimes she also plays by herself for a little while, or looks at a book. We found it was really helpful to have music playing in the room when we were at the lake, it helped her sleep longer and more soundly. 

Miscellaneous Info

Waking Up During the Night - Every time we've traveled lately,  Baby wakes up during the during the night at either 2 or 4. At home if this happens we let her cry for five minutes or so. If she cries longer then give her 1/2 of a bottle, let her drink most of it with you and then put her back in bed with the rest of it and she should go back to sleep. Please don't put her to bed with the bottle otherwise. 

Our Travel Plans - We're staying at the Palms in Las Vegas, we'll fly Jetblue from -------- to Las Vegas on Thursday and come home on Sunday. 

Who Catie is Staying With, etc. - Baby will be with the B--------s from Thursday mid-morning until early on Saturday morning and then with the E---------s from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon, we will pick her up on our way home. 

Fussiness/ Teething – She’s been touch and go with the teething, I can feel her top teeth ready to push through, but they aren’t doing so quite yet. If she seems overly fussy, give her the recommended dosage of infant Tylenol every four hours, along with the teething tablets (in the green bag), until she stops fussing. You can also try alternating between Advil and Tylenol every four hours. I have done both and both work just fine since she doesn’t tend to have a fever. (If, for some reason, she develops a fever go with the Tylenol and a cool bath.)

Diaper Rash – She shouldn’t have her diaper rash anymore, but she did have a slight rash a couple of days ago. We just made sure to change her often and put baby powder (the cornstarch kind, not the talcum powder) on her when we changed her. If she gets a bad rash, we usually use the purple tube of Desitin, it works really well for her.

Bruises – (forehead & chin) she has at least two bruises one on her forehead & the other on her chin. They are from crawling around and standing and falling, but in case you’re worried we do know they are there.

Nails – Feel free to clip her nails if she needs it, I hate doing it. 

So... What did you find most humorous about my baby info email to the g-parents?

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