Monday, July 30, 2012

Daddy Loves Baby

My husband has decided he actually REALLY likes our kid. He's known her for eleven months. Twenty if you count cooking time.

I love my husband too, but even I can see that nothing compares to the camaraderie he feels between himself and his little mini-me. It makes me nostalgic for times like that with my own dad... but I digress.

Their relationship has progressed over the past few months, from baby-as-blob to baby-as-partner-crime.

Exhibit #1: Baby-as-Blob. Husband is trying SO hard to make a connection with this little "intruder". SO hard.

Exhibit #2: Progress. On our sixth wedding anniversary these two were obviously growing on each other.

Later, at swim lessons... not super excited, but TOTALLY willing to get into the water.

Exhibit #3: (Close to) Success! Partners in (many some) crime(s).

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