Saturday, July 28, 2012

Currently...Numero Uno

I saw this sort of "list" blog entry on another NaBloPoMo blog, Life of a Lost Muse. It's a nice idea for taking a snapshot of where you're CURRENTLY at, and what you're CURRENTLY doing. So, I'm stealing borrowing this cool blog post format (I will probably use it as a way to check in with my students next year as well):

Reading: 19 Minutes by Nicholas Sparks. I started it the evening before the incident in Aurora, Co. A little eery.

Writing: A blog post every day for July's NaBloPoMo on Blogher! I haven't written this much since finishing my MA in 2006. Woot woot.

Listening: At the moment-- to the sounds of my computer trying to overheat; musically, just listened to Telepop Musik station on Pandora this evening during a dinner of stuffed bell peppers with the husband. And, looking forward to listening to No Doubt's newest single after reading about it on  Life of a Lost Muse.

Thinking: Of how lucky I am to have a husband willing to provide for his family and a daughter who is happy and healthy... and how excited I am to only go back to work for a couple of hours a day in August. I don't think I could be anymore excited about a schedule that allows me to indulge myself professionally for a bit, while also allowing me about twenty-two hours per day with my little family. Ah-maze-ing! I wish all teaching jobs could be like that. (I guess we'd just have to get paid more to make it livable... oh well, maybe when education is eventually privatized...)

Smelling: Wine and homemade soap-scum-cleaner. How's that for an interesting evening?

Wishing: I was still in the minority of people who didn't have "issues" with their parents. Even up to LESS than one year ago, my husband and I used to comment upon how lucky we were to have our respective in-law situations. It's not so much that way anymore.

Hoping: That it's true: it SHOULD all work out for the best in the end. Right?

Wearing: Pajamas! Specifically, a white shirt I bought to make my Halloween costume last year and some of the comfiest pants EVER that were a gift from my grandmother close to ten years ago. They're too comfy and memory-ridden to remove from my current PJ wardrobe. One day, they'll probably end-up as a square of a quilt (that I probably won't make) or a pillow or something.

Loving: That in a relatively few short hours we (baby, husband, dog, and me) will be in the company of some of the greatest friends in the WORLD!

Wanting: Another trip to Vegas with my husband in the relatively near future! Maybe August? Our trip in July was a lot of good times... maybe we'll make it to a Thursday evening "Ducky Party" so we can grab some rubber duckies for the babe.

Needing: Sleep. I am perpetually tired (and, unfortunately, awake) since having a child. Too much can happen if a mom's off the clock... right?!

Feeling: So, so tired. I'm ready for sleep and ready for our trip to the Lake (Nacimiento) all at the same time.

Clicking: Incessantly upon my Pinterest account. I'm trying to get all of those "likes" pinned. Down to 118 from 546... not too shabby.

And, I'll add one of my own (for good measure):

Missing: I am prematurely missing my sister. She's planning on moving away later this year and, I want her to know, I'll miss her.

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