Sunday, July 15, 2012

1st Birthday Pink Pre-Party MADNESS

The little girl's first birthday will soon be here and I have to admit, although I was all for a small party, I am pleased we are having a larger-than-expected group of friends and family to help us celebrate the big day... or at least the guest list is larger than expected, we'll have to see who RSVPs!

Since the event is a first birthday party, the birthday girl herself hasn't given me much direction. So, I am choosing to mesh a few little ideas together in a sea of pink to make the overall effect appropriate for our little "Gus". (Gus is the nickname our girl received after her dad and I decided no one that looked so squishy and alien-like could have her given name, so for us it has stuck... much to the chagrin of her grandparents.)

Little Gus also LOVES rubber duckies, so we are now the proud owners of forty-eight miniature, first birthday, pink and purple, birthday hat wearing, rubber duckies. 

We are also in possession of twelve (or so) pink wands, multiple bags of pink and white marshmallows, eight pink water guns, twenty pink leis, twenty-four pink flamingo drink stirrers (I know...), twenty-five feet of pink tulle, seven pink plastic tablecloths, two pink trays, twenty four pink party blowers, forty-eight pink, white, and purple balloons, three over-sized pink bows, two rolls of pink wrapping paper, and a variety of pink napkins, plates, and utensils. And I still feel like there should be more listed. 

Do you have any PINK party ideas?

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