Sunday, July 29, 2012

1st Birthday Party Pink MADNESS ~ part deux

The party is fast-approaching. Just today I purchased the pinking shears necessary for making the bunting that my one-year-old is SURE to love (yeah, right.) along with the PERFECT fabric to tie-together all of the loose, decorative ends. Here are five of my MOST inspiring Pinterest Pins for PINK PARTY MADNESS 2012.

MOST inspiring Pin #5: A gift for the babe?

From nightstand to play kitchen
I'm hoping the bebe's gift from ma-ma-ma-ma-ma and da is something similar to the above utter CUTENESS.

MOST inspiring Pin #4: Dad deserves some input.

erfect for Darin this dad's day. f my auto correct.

This was initially going to be the inspiration for some Father's Day goodies, but it turned into my reason to consider (and reconsider) all of the husband's input for Birthday #1-- most important, all future birthdays should be "destination birthdays". We'll see, but I TOTALLY get his point.

MOST inspiring Pin #3: Try to do at least most of it... even if you fail?

Ha... I guess this is pretty true...
Between gym time, baby time, husband time, and "miscellaneous get shit done" time, I have very little time for "me" (how trite is that?!) Even so, I, along with WAY smarter women, still worry about not being good enough knitters, crafters, bakers, and athletes. What the fuck?

MOST inspiring Pin #2: CANDY!
I heart this set-up for a little girl's party. So 'sweet'.

Again: CANDY!

MOST inspiring (drum roll please...) Pin #1: This is ALL about baby!

I must have a pic of Catie & us just like this!
I hope to capture a picture this precious, but nevertheless, it espouses one important belief: it's BABY's birthday-- make it about the kiddo, not the ma-ma-ma-ma-ma and da.

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