Saturday, June 9, 2012

This is the reason I like to write (stir the pot?) about my opinions on parenting stuff...

Luckily, I was reminded of why I like to write/ talk about parenting topics when reading my brother's Facebook posts/ Tweets today. I love my non-parent (but VERY proud uncle), brother's take on how parents should deal with their kids. It's just the right amount of no-nonsense logic and nonsensical parenting to make me want to "like" it (which I happily did). I also like my sister-in-law-to-be-ish's comment about beating children as a possible societal norm. I don't really believe in leaving children outside of stores (too many pedophiles) or beating them (too many f'd up adults), but I like the sarcastic humor espoused by each comment. I do not like the very obvious spelling errors in the second comment, nor do I like the overly serious 'understand why my children scream' tone of the second comment. But, everyone is entitled to their OWN opinion. Even if I do not particularly like it. (No, not my brother's girlfriend, but my brother-in-law's girlfriend.)

Before I share my response, a little background about my family and myself:

I am a fairly new parent who LOVES having a baby/toddler in the house who is also a stand-in little buddy for EVERYTHING. My daughter is the sole grandchild in both my family and my husband's, so she is quickly learning to be a spoiled BRAT. My husband and I do not expect her to be perfect, but we would also like to instill at least a few tenets of good behavior in our little princess. (To be fair, my husband and I are also both out-spoken, spoiled, head-strong, first-born, children... so we're fighting a losing battle on all fronts.)

I have also spent the last twelve years of my life working with high school kids. Ten of those years have been as an English teacher. I'm now in my last two months of a fourteen month leave of absence, so I'll go back to my high schoolers (i.e. OTHER PEOPLE's children) this August, thankfully part-time.

Now, my (possibly obnoxious? and entirely unnecessary) response to the last comment:

Okay. There you have it. This, in a nutshell is my philosophy about a lot of things. No, I don't really think my daughter is an a-hole (even if I am sometimes). Yes, I really have left a full shopping cart in the middle of an aisle and left the store because she was screaming. Yes, I really do know I'll eat my words one of these days. No, I'm not into making blanket statements about EVERYONE's situation-- I know we're all different, with different concerns, styles, and most importantly different KIDS.

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I'd love to hear /see/ read any comments you have. I also welcome corrections to my grammar and suggestions in regard to how I can/should/might generally improve my writing to better communicate with others. (Although I'm happy to hear comments on my writing style, be forewarned I will often argue over those because... it's like my style, get it?)

I'll also be honest in saying, I am extremely timid about getting mean comments. I'm happy to hear people out when they disagree, just not meanly. So, if you have an opposing opinion PLEASE share it in the comments (here or on the Facebook or Twitter), I just ask that you be courteous and I will do the same for you. If you're not courteous I'll probably be quietly hurt by your comment and then make fun of it in a sarcastically immature and low-cultured manner.

What do you think... should we leave the store (and our free will) behind when our kids scream; or, should we cringingly[sp] go about our business as our child tries to pierce the eardrums of her parents and everyone else within a square mile


  1. Way to cannon ball onto a sensitive subject Courtney! I like it. The older I get, the more tolerant I find myself of screaming kids. I completely appreciate the "teach the child a lesson" factor, but can also see the neccesity of leaving a cart if your child is hysterical. I work in retail so I get to see all manner of parenting in action, and my least favorite is the "beat/loudly badger" your child in public style. It's uncomfortable for everyone involved, and I just don't think it's necessary, but I'm assuming the above poster was at least being semi-cheeky? My final say, ultimately they are your kids to raise how you want! That's enough to worry about without worrying about offending the rest of the world too.
    On a side note... I always enjoy your writing Courtney. I'm looking forward to upcoming posts!

  2. Thanks, Rachel! I appreciate the support and the feedback. Retail is a drag-- as you probably know, my brother works semi-retail and the first commentator (sis-in-law-to-be-ish) works at a restaurant... both places SO difficult to be with screaming children.