Monday, November 14, 2011

Dear Baby

Little One,

You are now a little more than fourteen weeks old, time has truly gone by quickly, but I love watching you grow little by little each day. In all honesty, I never believed I would have this sort of obsessive, overwhelming love for you. I thought I would get over it, but even your dad has noticed, I'm not even able to leave the room without thinking of you while I'm gone.

You have changed so much over the past weeks and every change is always tinged with the same bitter-sweetness. I am so excited every time you accomplish something new, but I am saddened by it being the last "first" time for that new accomplishment-- and by the fact that those accomplishments mean you are growing older, soon enough you won't be the squirmy little body that your dad and I covered with a napkin at lunch one day when we forgot your blanket.

No matter what, I just hope you never think you aren't in my thoughts. Sometimes, now, you start to cry when I leave the room and when I get back I tell you not to worry, that I'll never leave you alone for too long, and that even if you're alone you're really not because I'm still thinking of you. I know this won't always be true, I know one day I'll have to leave you alone and I will, momentarily, not think of you, but for now it's not happening any time soon.


The Lady who Tortures you During Tummy Time