Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dear Baby

Today we found out that you are a little boy, since you've only been in Mommy's tummy for about ten weeks it is VERY early for us to find out you're a boy, our doctor even says it's the earliest she's ever seen boy parts, so you might be a little older than we think. We were both very excited, but your daddy was VERY excited that he was going to get a little buddy to have fun with. Your mommy got really excited when she realized she wouldn't have to deal with any "girl drama" and she would get a brave little man to protect her when daddy goes to work. Plus, we can't wait to take you to the fire station to play with all of the fire trucks, engines, and rescue rigs! Your grandmas and grandpas are also very excited, Grandpa Don and Granny Wendy helped come up with new names for you today, but since none of them were as perfect as Dillon, that's still at the top of our list.

Yesterday we also got to see a 4-D picture of you and it was so neat to see you stretch your little hands and feet! Your dad and I got very excited to see you move around and when you stretched your little leg out it was unlike anything we'd ever seen, it's still hard to believe you're in your mom's belly, but we are so excited to meet you in August (or maybe a little sooner!)

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