Monday, November 14, 2011

Dear Baby

Little One,

You are now a little more than fourteen weeks old, time has truly gone by quickly, but I love watching you grow little by little each day. In all honesty, I never believed I would have this sort of obsessive, overwhelming love for you. I thought I would get over it, but even your dad has noticed, I'm not even able to leave the room without thinking of you while I'm gone.

You have changed so much over the past weeks and every change is always tinged with the same bitter-sweetness. I am so excited every time you accomplish something new, but I am saddened by it being the last "first" time for that new accomplishment-- and by the fact that those accomplishments mean you are growing older, soon enough you won't be the squirmy little body that your dad and I covered with a napkin at lunch one day when we forgot your blanket.

No matter what, I just hope you never think you aren't in my thoughts. Sometimes, now, you start to cry when I leave the room and when I get back I tell you not to worry, that I'll never leave you alone for too long, and that even if you're alone you're really not because I'm still thinking of you. I know this won't always be true, I know one day I'll have to leave you alone and I will, momentarily, not think of you, but for now it's not happening any time soon.


The Lady who Tortures you During Tummy Time

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Eviction Notice

Dear Child of Mine,

We have officially entered what will be known as the hottest week of the year and, unfortunately, you are still lounging in my uterus acting as if it were the cool thing to do. Let me tell you: it is not.

I want nothing more than for you to be healthy, but now that you are full-term I think it's best for you to come out and meet us all so your social development can begin. Plus, we're all dying to meet you (I'm serious about that one).

Your dad has even worked out a very efficient scenario that will work just swimmingly if you decide to allow it to happen. Since he's now home for the rest of the month (unless you and I decide to make him go back to work earlier) and he just woke up from a nap, and I was able to get a reasonable amount of sleep last night, we think it would be best for you to kick things off around 3pm today. Not too early, not too late, and with plenty of time to get around traffic.

I just have one little thing to add to the above scenario-- you should consider making your way into the world around 9pm (or so)so we can make it back tomorrow morning, without having an elongated hospital stay. I know, picky picky, but let's be honest, you're going to catch more in a hospital than you're going to be cured of, especially when you arrive without any problems.

So, this is the official word: you are no longer welcome in my womb, you have officially over-stayed your welcome. However, I am happy to accommodate you for the next 18+ years with free room and board if you promise to come out and play as soon as possible.

Your Mom

Saturday, July 23, 2011

To My Long Lost Friend

Dear Sleep,

Oh how I miss thee. Alas, at 37 weeks pregnant I find myself without your sweet touch and I fear even Benadryl may fail me now. You used to let me savor your sweetness for hours on end, so many hours of daylight and nightlife were lost to your seductive ways.

But now, when I most need you to assist me in my preparation for mommy-dom, now is when you have chosen to be fleeting. Leaving me with no other choice than to clean, re-clean, organize, and fret.

I prithee that we might meet again, maybe on a warm beach once this child is long out of the womb. Until then, I bid you adieu.

-Sleepless in Pregnancy

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dear Baby

Today we found out that you are a little boy, since you've only been in Mommy's tummy for about ten weeks it is VERY early for us to find out you're a boy, our doctor even says it's the earliest she's ever seen boy parts, so you might be a little older than we think. We were both very excited, but your daddy was VERY excited that he was going to get a little buddy to have fun with. Your mommy got really excited when she realized she wouldn't have to deal with any "girl drama" and she would get a brave little man to protect her when daddy goes to work. Plus, we can't wait to take you to the fire station to play with all of the fire trucks, engines, and rescue rigs! Your grandmas and grandpas are also very excited, Grandpa Don and Granny Wendy helped come up with new names for you today, but since none of them were as perfect as Dillon, that's still at the top of our list.

Yesterday we also got to see a 4-D picture of you and it was so neat to see you stretch your little hands and feet! Your dad and I got very excited to see you move around and when you stretched your little leg out it was unlike anything we'd ever seen, it's still hard to believe you're in your mom's belly, but we are so excited to meet you in August (or maybe a little sooner!)