Friday, December 24, 2010

Dear Baby #4

Your grandmas have been waiting for you for awhile (and they STILL have to wait seven and half more months!) Nevertheless, because of their excitement they were quick to choose names for themselves, names that you will eventually use to refer to them. Your dad's mom (Grandma Karin) would like to be called Grandma Moe. I'm not sure where Nana comes from, but Moe is what her mom (Great Grandma Lorraine) called her when she was younger, a nickname after Moe of the Three Stooges. She was also called Moe by your Dad's cousin, Duffey, because he couldn't call her Aunt Karin when she was little, so your Great Grandma Lorraine just had him shorten it to Aunt Moe.

Your mom's mom (Grandma Wendy) wants to be called Granny Wendy, but not after your Great Grandma Donna (she was your mom's Granny, but she went to Heaven in June of 2005 to get to know you before you were born). My mom wants to be called Granny Wendy because she saw it in one of her favorite movies, Hook. (Peter Pan's childhood friend, Wendy, is old and gray and she is known as "Granny Wendy" to Peter's children when they come to visit.)

Now, we'll have to wait and see what your two grandpas would like you to call them. And, when you're ready, we'll tell you the story of how Grandpa Don was once a pirate.

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