Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Baby #3b

If you are a little girl, I will have had a name chosen for you forEVER, you name will be: Catherine Lee E. Catherine because it was my paternal great-great-grandmother's name (Gram's mom), plus it's a traditional name; and Lee because it was my Granny's middle name (paternal grandmother), and it is grandma's middle name. You will also have a cousin named Catherine when you arrive, but she goes by Catherine (no nickname) so we figure no one will confuse the two of you (if you're a girl, of course). The name Catherine is originally from Greek and means 'pure' or 'virginal'. If you are a girl we will probably call you Cate or Catie, but you will have the option of being called Catherine or Lee when you go to school, whatever you choose. 

If you are a little boy your dad and I will have struggled a little bit more with deciding your name. The name I thought I always wanted, James, is not your dad's favorite, but as of this past Monday evening I think we may have found a name for you if you are indeed a boy. That name is: Dillon Edward, and we like it for many reasons. Your middle name, Edward, is the same as your dad and his dad, it is also very similar to my dad's middle name (Edwin). Your first name, Dillon, was about the millionth baby name I read to your dad from the internet and it's at the top of his list right now, so I hope it will remain there. I want you to have a name that has lots of meaning, so even though you wouldn't be specifically named after anyone in particular, your name would sound similar to your dad's name (they both have two syllables and start and end with the same letters), your first two initials would also be the same as my dad's. The name is also from English, Gaelic, and Welsh; your dad's family is mostly English and my family name (Bowen) is Welsh. Your name would mean: faithful and 'born of the sea' or unrelenting, like a wave... with parents like us you're probably going to be really stubborn, so this definitely fits. When you arrive, and if you are a boy, (and if we go with this name) we will probably call you "Dill" for short (yep, like the pickle), and you will always have the option of going by Edward if you choose to do so.

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