Friday, December 3, 2010

Dear Baby #1

I (your mom) stayed at home this Friday because I wasn't feeling well, sick with a cold and extremely tired after teaching for the earlier part of the week. Your dad got home from work when I was waking up, and since we had been trying to make a baby and we had his station party the next evening (with an open bar for three hours) I decided to be safe, rather than sorry and took another pregnancy test. (I had taken one earlier in the week and the line was very faint so I assumed it was negative.)

When the line came up darker I showed it to your dad and he got very excited, and worried, all at the same time. After taking three more tests (a total of five in all) we figured we must be lucky enough for you to be on the way. We had been trying to have you for about nine months, and the doctor had just told us we might need some help with making a baby, so we were actually very surprised that you were coming without any help. Your dad kept telling me he expected me to be jumping for joy, but I was so worried it was a fluke, I looked like I wasn't happy (but I promise I was!) The longer you're in my tummy, the more excited your dad and I get.

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