Friday, December 24, 2010

Dear Baby #4

Your grandmas have been waiting for you for awhile (and they STILL have to wait seven and half more months!) Nevertheless, because of their excitement they were quick to choose names for themselves, names that you will eventually use to refer to them. Your dad's mom (Grandma Karin) would like to be called Grandma Moe. I'm not sure where Nana comes from, but Moe is what her mom (Great Grandma Lorraine) called her when she was younger, a nickname after Moe of the Three Stooges. She was also called Moe by your Dad's cousin, Duffey, because he couldn't call her Aunt Karin when she was little, so your Great Grandma Lorraine just had him shorten it to Aunt Moe.

Your mom's mom (Grandma Wendy) wants to be called Granny Wendy, but not after your Great Grandma Donna (she was your mom's Granny, but she went to Heaven in June of 2005 to get to know you before you were born). My mom wants to be called Granny Wendy because she saw it in one of her favorite movies, Hook. (Peter Pan's childhood friend, Wendy, is old and gray and she is known as "Granny Wendy" to Peter's children when they come to visit.)

Now, we'll have to wait and see what your two grandpas would like you to call them. And, when you're ready, we'll tell you the story of how Grandpa Don was once a pirate.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Baby #3b

If you are a little girl, I will have had a name chosen for you forEVER, you name will be: Catherine Lee E. Catherine because it was my paternal great-great-grandmother's name (Gram's mom), plus it's a traditional name; and Lee because it was my Granny's middle name (paternal grandmother), and it is grandma's middle name. You will also have a cousin named Catherine when you arrive, but she goes by Catherine (no nickname) so we figure no one will confuse the two of you (if you're a girl, of course). The name Catherine is originally from Greek and means 'pure' or 'virginal'. If you are a girl we will probably call you Cate or Catie, but you will have the option of being called Catherine or Lee when you go to school, whatever you choose. 

If you are a little boy your dad and I will have struggled a little bit more with deciding your name. The name I thought I always wanted, James, is not your dad's favorite, but as of this past Monday evening I think we may have found a name for you if you are indeed a boy. That name is: Dillon Edward, and we like it for many reasons. Your middle name, Edward, is the same as your dad and his dad, it is also very similar to my dad's middle name (Edwin). Your first name, Dillon, was about the millionth baby name I read to your dad from the internet and it's at the top of his list right now, so I hope it will remain there. I want you to have a name that has lots of meaning, so even though you wouldn't be specifically named after anyone in particular, your name would sound similar to your dad's name (they both have two syllables and start and end with the same letters), your first two initials would also be the same as my dad's. The name is also from English, Gaelic, and Welsh; your dad's family is mostly English and my family name (Bowen) is Welsh. Your name would mean: faithful and 'born of the sea' or unrelenting, like a wave... with parents like us you're probably going to be really stubborn, so this definitely fits. When you arrive, and if you are a boy, (and if we go with this name) we will probably call you "Dill" for short (yep, like the pickle), and you will always have the option of going by Edward if you choose to do so.

Dear Baby #3a

Today was the first time we heard you heartbeat, and it was such a relief! Your heartbeat was normal, but on the low side, it was only 123bpm at its highest. Your mom had been very worried about you and she wanted to make sure your were doing okay since we won't meet you for another eight months or so. Your dad was pretty excited too, he took the day off from work so he could meet the doctor and hear your heart. When we saw and heard you for the first time your mom wanted to give your dad a high five for a job well-done! Our OB, Dr. K, sent us home with five pictures of you for us to share with everyone, and we did, even though you still look like a little tadpole and are only the size of a blueberry!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear Baby #2

We couldn't wait to tell our friends (your dad told them the day after we found out you were in mom's tummy) and we were very excited to tell our family too. On the Tuesday after we found out about you, we told both sets of grandparents, Uncle Jake, Uncle Dan, and Aunt Kelsey. Your dad told Aunt Kimmie the next day, and we didn't get to tell your great grandma Lorraine until after we went on our doctor's visit. Your mom told great grandma Hope the day after the doctor's visit. We're still planning to wait to tell the rest of our extended family, even though we are more and more excited every day!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dear Baby #1

I (your mom) stayed at home this Friday because I wasn't feeling well, sick with a cold and extremely tired after teaching for the earlier part of the week. Your dad got home from work when I was waking up, and since we had been trying to make a baby and we had his station party the next evening (with an open bar for three hours) I decided to be safe, rather than sorry and took another pregnancy test. (I had taken one earlier in the week and the line was very faint so I assumed it was negative.)

When the line came up darker I showed it to your dad and he got very excited, and worried, all at the same time. After taking three more tests (a total of five in all) we figured we must be lucky enough for you to be on the way. We had been trying to have you for about nine months, and the doctor had just told us we might need some help with making a baby, so we were actually very surprised that you were coming without any help. Your dad kept telling me he expected me to be jumping for joy, but I was so worried it was a fluke, I looked like I wasn't happy (but I promise I was!) The longer you're in my tummy, the more excited your dad and I get.